Boulevard Realty & Property Management
In Today's

Changing Market

Selecting the right Professional Property Management Company is just one of the many important decisions a property owner will make.

Boulevard Realty & Property Management understands the multi-faceted needs required to maintain the business relationship between Manager, Owner and Tenant.

The Art of pairing the proper tenant with their ideal home, along with the most effective communication methods that are proven successful in each individual relationship, is where we strive to exceed.

Being in tune with the many diverse needs of people in today's changing market lights the path to success in all types of investment properties.

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We pride ourselves by staying in step with all aspects of your property, front tenant selection and lease signing to repairs and financial obligations, and everything in between.

Tenant Selection >>>
All potential tenants are screened using credit and criminal background, as well as previous rental history inducing evictions and verification of employment.

Protection of Your Investment >>>
We alleviate the challenges associated with rent collection.  We handle all tenant notices, correspondence and escrow accounts in accordance with the Florida Real Estate Laws and Florida Statutes governing Landlord/Tenant obligations.

On site inspections are performed to minimize the potential for damages arising from elements such as vegetation and tree growth that may be impacting the structure and overall property condition.

Financial Obligations >>>
We follow the strict guidelines set forth by the Florida Real Estate Laws and Statues which pertain to holding and dispersing of escrowed rents, tenant security deposits and all funds associated with your property. 

Property Owners have access to their property statements, important documents, and photos, at a glance anytime security online!

Let's get started today. Contact us for a free, no-obligation consultation.


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